Yes, Ledisi; remind them what a real relationship is about.

There’s something so great about emotionally mature women who write songs about relationship and relationship potential; they come with the real.  Add To Me is one of those songs that, despite being done by a woman, could equally apply to a man because what she is saying she wants here is what a lot of people want from a significant other if they are looking for more than just a fling.

The production on this track isn’t mocking and is amazingly smooth given all the directions that this could have gone in lyrically.  This is a beat that reflects the mood of a woman that knows her worth and wants someone who knows his and hers, too.  The lowkey maracas that are masked by the four-by-four beat are just so upbeat and happy that you don’t realize that there is something very serious being said here.  The production makes would could have easily been a heavy track extremely fun and danceable.

The lyrics give you an incredibly confident song that manages not to trip over the line into that “give me a baller” territory by being about more than just the material.  She talks about intellect and spirituality as well as money, and part of it is about her not wanting someone who feels put out because she might be more monetarily successful; she wants someone who is at least going to try and strive.

Of course, the vocals are amazing.  The casually way that Ledisi adds her adlibs, as if there was no other way that part of the song could possibly sound, makes you wonder why she isn’t lauded more often as one of the best singer of our generation.  She manages to give good emotion without blasting out and really keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end.  Her performance is infused with her spirit as you can almost hear the smile on her face as she sings.  It just comes across right in every way and we cannot wait to hear more.

This is the second single from the singer’s upcoming ninth studio album, Let Love Rule, due out September 22.   The first single, High, is a great companion to this.