It’s been a while since we heard from Elli Ingram, not that she’s been inactive.  Most of her popularity is centered in her home country of England, so it can be hard to get new music from her here.  Luckily, there’s YouTube and we don’t miss out on this gem.

Table For Two is an oddly upbeat track that describes a relationship that has completely fallen apart and she and her significant other are simply going through the motions, even though she wants there still be a spark of some kind there.  The throwback production tinged with a little something modern had a nice vibe to it and belies the underlying theme of the lyrics, even though the jazzy style does fit the poetic style of the lines and the helps them come across better.

Ingram’s vocals are wonderful and there has been some improvement since her last outing.  It’s never been a matter of her not being able to sing as much as her accent being a little heavy for some American ears.  This time her words ring out loud and true and, even in the moments when she gets caught up in the emotion of the track, she is never hard to understand.  Her use of underlying vocals throughout the track give a wonderful layered sound and make the few harmonies here sound fuller.  Most of the track is her going a solo layer and that makes since given the theme.  But the subtle vocal flourishes just under the surface really help sell the track and make it an interesting listen because you hear something new every time.

This appears to be the first single to an upcoming album.  We’ll keep you posted as more news–and music–comes in.