CLC is back and there has been another concept change in terms of their music and we like it a lot better than Crystyle for the simple fact that there isn’t an outlier track like Hobgoblin was in comparison to everything else on that EP.

All the things that we liked about the last EP are here; better productions choice, solid vocals, good harmonies and overlays, and great leads.  What we are happy about not being here is the one thing we kind of hated about the last EP…this isn’t full of what sounds like a bunch of leftover 4Minute tracks.

You can still feel that HyunA influence on a track like I Like It, but it seems dialed back a bit and really works a lot better thanks to a bigger emphasis on the vocals of the track and not playing up the sassy production.  All of these tracks have an element of sass; they aren’t a bunch of cutesy songs that are going to turn off fans of the last comeback, but most of them are more mature in their implementation, appealing to a wider range of listeners than the western ones who are looking for a bunch of CL and BlackPink clones.

We think the change has to do with a slight shift in the group’s label alignment as, while still billed under Cube Entertainment, we are also seeing their videos on the CJ E&M Music YouTube page, signaling a possible move at most or a collaboration at the very least.  CJ E&M seem to have better handle on how to deal with groups like CLC and their influence has made for the most cohesive project by the group yet.  Here’s hoping that they continue to grow and their music continues to improve.

Our favorite tracks are Where Are You? and Bae.  The most skippable track is Summer Kiss.