UK singer and frequent SM Entertainment writer and producer Charli Taft has been given the greenlight by the company to drop her own single through them and it is going to make all the nineties babies fall in love.

The production style is quintessential nineties R&B.  There is the underlying jazz tones with the slightly more pop bridges and choruses that are escalated versions of the production on the verses.  The beat is smooth and has a mid-tempo vibe that is just in the sweet spot of not being too slow for you to listen to all the time, but not being so fast that you can’t play it during a cooldown day.

Taft’s voice is nice as well.  While she isn’t heavy on the adlibs, what she does bring to the table is some nice soul.  You can absolutely tell that she is feeling what she is singing and she translates that into something that is good on the ears in a vibey way.

The lyrics to the track are solid.  Talking to her soon-to-be ex, she tells him exactly what she is ready to walk away and that she deserves more.  The sweetness of her voice and the mellowness of the production make for a somewhat deceptive sound against the strength she shows when the lyrics actually drop, by the overall feeling comes off as less angry about the situation and more made-the-final-decision-and-I’m-cool kind of atmosphere.

No need for translations; it’s all in English.