We posted this on Twitter, but we want to make sure that everybody gets the information so that you know what’s up.

First: no, we haven’t gone anywhere.  We’re in the middle of Finals’ Week here and we’re taking a haitus until Monday, July 31.  For our Kpop fans, we’ll post any big comebacks on Audiomack still, but the smaller ones will have to wait until our return.

Second: we’ve switched to putting up new posts in the evening until Monday, August 21.  After that, we return to our regular morning/mid-day posting routine.

We hope that you all stick it out with us while we try to the balance in our lives.  We could never short our study/work time, but we would never want to short you on quality content either.  You guys are important to us and we will always try to do right by you.


Thank you for your patience,

Kel (The Management)