K.A.R.D has been burning up the music scene with their reggae/dancehall infused pop and we were eagerly awaiting the first multi-track project they dropped.  Luckily for us, they didn’t disappoint.

The biggest thing for some is that the EP is half made of previously released singles, but if you are a fan of the group  and liked the tracks, this won’t be a problem.  The three new tracks, including the new single Hola Hola, are right in line with what they’ve released so far but show something very important.  Despite the all the songs having an island feel, none of them really sound alike.  There is cohesiveness, but you can not pay close attention to the sequencing and notice when the track switches.  When Ace of Base attempted this same kind of sound, their entire album had the same underlying beat and melodic sequences, making for something strangely hypnotic and easy to ignore.  We’re glad K.A.R.D didn’t fall into that trap.

Vocally, K.A.R.D is kind of on the bare minimum of things.  While it is obvious that they are giving their all, it is also really obvious that there are only really two singers in the group, making for some shallow moments in terms of harmonies.  Not that they sound bad; they know where their deficiencies are and adjust accordingly.  It’s just clear that they are not going to be the group people look to purely on vocal performances alone.

Lyrically, the album is pretty good.  There are some moments where things don’t seem to make sense, but some of that has to do with cultural differences.  The moments that are more a matter of bad English may have something to do with the translations we read and not the group.  They do give songs that seem like they are going to be mundane good twists and that makes you pay attention and remember in a way that more cliché lyrics don’t.

This is good first outing for the group.  We are looking forward to watching them grow and expand their sound in the future.

Our favorite tracks are Oh NaNa and Living Good (Special Thanks To…).  The most skippable track is I Can’t Stop.