This is not one of our favorite songs from 4 X 2 = 8 album (Can we get a Fact Abuse visual, please?), but we do like it because it reminds us of Paradise, one of our few favorites from him before the release of this latest album.

This is the side of Psy that people who only see his singles tend to miss; the more serious, loving side.  To say that the rapper is a bit of an outlier in the Korean music industry because of his looks in an understatement; so using that to his advantage and playing up the clown-prince angle was smart and has served him well.  But Psy is a rapper and he has depth and bravado and those are our favorite sides of him.  This track, speaking on the hatred in the world and how we need to come together, may seem like hokey nonsense to some, but it is the more serious side of him that offsets the silly and shows him to be a complex artist of many moods.

Psy himself doesn’t appear in the video, but he brings in YG dance favorites ReQuest Crew to lay down some nice moves for the visual.

The translation is in the video itself; no need to do anything.