Zico is one of those artists that doesn’t stick with you as much as he should but still manages to come across with some bangers.  This new EP is probably pretty indicative of that in that it’s not the most memorable of sets but I wouldn’t turn it off if and would probably turn up if it came on.

This is the kind of EP that many artists would hate to put out; something that just leaves the listener kind of feeling…meh when it’s over.  This is a collections of songs that don’t feel like their there to be listened to as much as be background in a club or at a party.  It’s atmosphere music in that it sets a mood but doesn’t really make you want to listen any closer because of how much it sounds like so much of everything else out there.

There are two bright spots in this though, Anti and Bermuda Triangle.  They don’t sound all that different from any other Zico track, but they seem to gel the best parts of him as an artist and really show them off.  The second half of Anti is magic; the switch-up of the production and the confident, threatening flow that Zico pulls out are a match that he should bring out more often.  Bermuda Triangle may not be new, but the trio of Zico, Crush, and Dean just work.  One of the reasons that these tracks stand out so much is that, unlike some of the others here, they seem to end at just the right time.  The rapper has a bad time with length perspective and some of his songs feel like they should have ended way sooner.  Those two get the length right and his energy matches the drive of the productions throughout.  If this EP had been more of this, we would be singing a different tune.

We would have thrown Fanxy Child in there as well, but the star of that show is Dean and the production; Zico just fades into the background.

As things stand, this isn’t an awful EP by any means; it’s just something very much of its time and feels like it.  Odds are nobody will be thinking about this a few months when the temperature changes and there is glut of new tracks out there.  But we will be dancing win any of the songs pop up in our random playlists.

Our favorite tracks are Bermuda Triangle and Anti.  The most skippable track is She’s A Baby just because it really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the project.