For those who liked Peaches & Cream, you’re going to love this.

If there is one things that we noticed in the last couple of years is that some of the older groups who haven’t made music in years are seeing a chance to come back and join the current artist(s) roster.  We never thought 112 would be one of those groups but, after wowing fans on the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, it is definitely the right time to strike.

We likened this to Peaches & Cream, it’s not redux in terms of anything but style and the mention of fruit.  The beat sounds like something that 112 would have released in their heyday, but it doesn’t feel dated.  One of the reasons why may be the lack of that signature Bad Boy Entertainment backbone, ending up more in the pop range than that hop&B style that the group can to be known for.

Of course, one of the reasons that this track works as well as it does is the vocals.  While the group was never known for big harmonies, they did know how to use them to their maximum advantage to fill out the sound of a track and make certain parts really stand out.  They have not only maintained it helps would could have easily been a generic track feel much stronger to the listener.  The solos of the track show that the individual members haven’t slacked off as they actually sound a lot better than they did in the nineties, with stronger tone and less whine in the upper register.

The lyrics are solid here.  While the track doesn’t tread any new ground in terms of subject matter, the phrasing is nice and stands out against a lot of other current tracks thanks to the more subdued metaphors for sex and the description of the woman in question in more romantic terms.  There is a definite grown-and-sexy vibe in the entirety of the mood, but it doesn’t alienate the younger listeners who are looking for more than a turn-up.

This is the first single from the reformed group’s upcoming album, Q Mike Slim Daron, expected out this fall.