Dondria Nicole shows us why, even though she’s somewhat underground, her career has lasted as long as it has.

If there is one thing that we are happy about it’s that the singer decided not to include Options or focus her sound around the style of the song.  That single had the problem of not being memorable and not really playing into her strengths; you can’t say that here.  The vocals of this set are wonderful.  She gives the listener a nice combination of R&B and pop, making the sound accessible to a wider audience while also not making it so bland that it becomes easy to ignore.  Her tone is well matched to each song, giving you a little pain on some tracks while giving you exasperation and sass on others so that nothing is one note.  The adlibs add color without going overboard with the runs, meaning you can really listen to what she’s saying and the tracks don’t feel like a series of vocal exercises.

As for the production, everything is pretty varied.  This would be a problem for a longer project, but a six-track EP is only really supposed to be a sampler of the artist, so it makes sense for things to be a little disconnected in terms of sound.  You get some blues, some R&B, and some pop, all centered around showing off Dondria’s voice without being so dull that they drain all the energy from the songs and her vocals.  In fact, a couple of the tracks have really good productions that could stand on their own.

Where she fixes the disconnect in the beats is in the lyrics.  You get a story about a woman going through a tough time with her man; going through the decision to ends things, figuring out what went wrong between them, and then either finding someone new  or deciding to give him another chance.  The disparate sound makes gives us a different moods as she moves through the day, giving a little order to the chaos.

Our favorite tracks are Hold Of Myself and Over.  The most skippable track is You Came Along.