We have never so looked forward to G.Soul releasing a solo project than we have in the last week.  Tequila is a study in dancehall/R&B crossover and, after days of playing it over and over, it still knocks and makes us dance.

And now he gives us this.

Bad Habit is a mellow groove with a lot of energy thanks to the combination of the Spanish guitar and maracas.  This is all jazz and G.Soul sounds wonderful with his smooth vocals.  There is that trademark gentleness that works so well over an instrumental like this and soothes the listener without putting them to sleep.

The minimal harnonies on this would seem like they would make the track seem a little dry, but they serve to highlight the main vocals in a way that is seductive.  This is likely because of the overall beat is fairly minimal and they sound like a part of the instrumentation due to the range on them.

Sidenote: We need a Jay Park/G.Soul collab soon.  They would sound amazing together. 

We’ll have translated lyrics for you shortly.