The ladies of June’s Diary have a lot of talent and perseverance and they are going to need both.  Having been left high and dry by Kelly Rowland after the cancelation of Chasing Destiny, the members have not let too much ground slip beneath their feet and have even mounted enough momentum to have performed at this year’s Essence Festival.  So it’s good they chose this moment to release an EP…even if it’s predominantly covers.

First and foremost, the vocals on this set are unmatched in comparison to almost any female group out at the moment.  The harmonies are not only well utilized to bring color to the overall production of the tracks, but also just add a lot of dimension to the sound, making it easy to find something new everytime you listen.  The lead vocals are pretty good and each member not only manages to distinguish herself from her groupmates, but also owns her part of the track without sounding like a complete redux of the original performers.

The one original song, Wrap Around, has been a favorite of Junebugs since they debuted it and it’s great that we finally get a streamable version.  Though we were hoping it was the acoustic version because that is just…wow, we are completely down for this rendition as well and can’t wait until we can purchase it to support them fully.

Besides the timing, it was also a good idea to do covers of tracks by groups and not try to flush out songs that were meant for solo vocalists.  While it’s not impossible to pull of a remake like that, what you get here is a one-to-one comparison of sound richness and utilization.  It shows that these ladies know their stuff and can stand toe-to-toe with anyone and come out on top.  Now, someone give them some original music because they deserve more of a platform.

Our favorite tracks are Hey Jude, Stay, and Wrap Around.  The most skippable track is Where The Party At.

There is an arrow in the player but, as far as we can tell, it doesn’t work.