We’ve got another track from Mario and, this time, it’s official.

It’s obvious is still trying to make his way, musically.  Between the leaked tracks and the official singles, there hasn’t been a coherent vision of what he wants to present to the public.  The content and the production styles are a all over the place and it makes it hard for his fans, even the most diehard among them, to hang in there with him.  A lot of that seems to have to do with a confluence of events in his life and his latest track gives voice to where he’s been and where he hopes he’s going.

The thing that both elevates and takes this one down a bit is the lyrical content.  What is there is very poignant, he speaks on breaking free from his mother and her addiction, toxic relationships, the current sociopolitical climate, and finding his freedom; all of that makes it interesting hear and gives it some thrust in terms of sticking with people.  The problem is there this isn’t enough there for the track’s runtime.  The lyrics seem to run out about halfway through the song and what we are left with is are (nice sounding) adlibs over the morose production.

It’s not an awful song, but it’s not his best either.  Still, we prefer this to some of the other tracks he’s dropped in the last couple of years.

Sidenote: If you don’t know the backstory about Mario and his mother, check out the documentary I Won’t Love You To Death.  The quality of the capture isn’t great (it isn’t available on MTV’s website anymore), but it does give you some insight into all the things he’s been dealing with.

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