Ya’ll are continually sleeping on Demetria McKinney.

Is This Love is one of those tracks that will have people who are in similar predicament in their feelings and hitting the replay button.  About the singer trying to figure out whether or not the relationship she’s in is just going through a rough spot or is irrevocably damaged, we get a nice track that isn’t depressing while speaking on something serious.  McKinney brings beautiful vocals to the table and she uses them well on this track.  She gives good adlibs that give the song color to keep the listener engaged, but not so many that she comes across as more angry than sad at the predicament.  Her tone is strong and emotional without being overwrought, a perfect balance for the theme, and she matches the mood and the beat perfectly.

The production, while not the most dynamic thing in the world, still has some good life in it thank to the piano that has its own little adlibs from time to time matching with the acoustic guitar in the background.  It does it’s job of supporting McKinney without being to dull to drain energy and the fact that it sound different than a lot of mainstream tracks is a point in its favor for people looking for something different.

The lyrics are good.  While sometime leaning into cliché, it never overdoes it and gives solid imagery so that we can actually understand what she’s trying to tell him.  This isn’t a collection of random grievances that have piled up over time; she is pointing out that something has changed and knows exactly what it is.  Plus the fact that this isn’t based around the superficial or material issues that sometimes accompany a song like this is very welcomed.

McKinney has more than proven at this point that she is able to put out a consistent quality of material.  We keep waiting on that song or single where we just seem to show that what she does is a fluke and we haven’t gotten it yet.  While our friend and contributor WillCollection has said that her production choices aren’t great lately (due to a lack of promotion that limits resources), we are still rooting for her.  We want her to put out a mixtape, EP, album…something so that we can see if she can bring it for more than one song at time.

Sidenote: She needs to team with Teedra Moses.  They would kill a duet together.