Jhené Aiko is back with a new track that will have fans of Sailing Souls, Sail Out and Souled Out very happy.

There are a lot of people that didn’t understand why she decided to go in the Twenty88 direction with her music (and I’m ignoring the relationship drama; just talking about the direction of the music), but you can see how that has helped her overall sound.  While we love a lot of her songs the biggest issue is that, to accommodate mood for her more poetic style, she tends to stick to a particular production route.  It fits her voice well and makes you key in on what she’s saying a little more, but it can also be a slog if you are going for a long listen and not just a short trip.  This still has that similar sound that most people are used to (and love) from her, but it brings a little more life to the underlying beat, making it work a lot better for her.

One thing that we noticed is that, while her voice is still very much sweet and gentle in its tone, she has a little more power behind the tone.  There is a confidence in her vocals that isn’t always there with her work but has become more prevalent with her more recent singles.  We like this; she’s bring more color and personality to her overall sound and it makes for a much better sit…especially with repeated plays.

The lyrics are solid on this.  One of the things that could easily be complained about with love songs by women is that they sometimes tip the scale into unhealthy with their lyrics that depict a loss of agency if they were to lose the one they love.  This song is depicts a more healthy view of love; speaking on enjoying each other, being proud of each other, and wanting to be with each other long term while still maintaining a sense of self throughout.  It doesn’t have to be explicitly stated but the title and the overall theme lends itself to sounding like someone who is complete in herself first.  It’s a romantic view of love without being overdone and that’s a great statement overall.

This is the first single from the singer’s upcoming second album, Viral Tokyo.  It has an expected release date of August 2.

Sidenote: The visual proves the movie 50 First Dates would have been better if it were a little shorter.