Brittany B. is back with a cooldown jam that will have the inverse of effect of making you get on the floor.

The interesting thing about Wind Down is that the vibe of the partially-island melody against the skittering beat has the effect of amping the mood and goes against the chill nature of the theme, but it really works.  There are moments that have a lot of good bounce and others that make you want to dutty wind.  Still others may require a two-step.  That fact that all of this comes across well and doesn’t sound like chaos is a credit the producer, @AAKALBY.

Adding the that more energetic feel is the delivery of Barber herself, with her mixture of melodic and hip-hop singing styles that .  She makes this song with her vocals.  While the beat is interesting on it’s own, it’s hard to say that she isn’t the focal point at every moment.  She give few adlibs, but she still manages to make the song interesting with every note; and the adlibs she does provide add a highlight to certain segments of the song.  The backing vocals have few harmonies in them, but what is there is a perfect support for her voice in this song.

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