As we say goodbye to another Generation 2 Kpop group with Sistar’s disbandment, we also get probably one of their strongest tracks as a group as their goodbye.

The pop/rock ballad of Lonely is a surprisingly good fit for these ladies voices.  While we have heard Bora and Hyolyn tilt in this direction with some of their solo tracks, it’s hard to think of another moment when these ladies have gone for this sound as a group.  Their individual vocals are nicely distinguished and the subtle changes in the backtracking help support each one as the step forward to lead.

The lyrics of the track (from what we can decipher) are not as crafted towards double meaning of tracks like Goodbye and Draw Me, lacking the “we are actually singing about our fans” element, but more the ladies saying goodbye to each other.  It talks about carrying another’s burdens and walking away while things can still be good for them individually.  It takes things in a different direction than a song like this is expected to go, but it’s nice as it seems that the ladies are sad at their parting from one another as much as they are about parting from their fans.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics (when it becomes available).