Last year Lion Babe warmed us with the amazing Sun Joint; this year they have us hitting the ceiling.

Brightening our day with some cool funk/soul and Jillian Hervey’s smoky, sultry vocals, Lion Babe gives us a song for releasing our frustrations of the world with the one we love.

This song is just what you need to get your day started or finish it off; whatever time of day you need it to give you some good energy and drive those dark clouds away.  The infectious hand claps that make up the rhythm of this track will have you joining in as the slightly off-kilter instruments urge you to dance and get rid of all your stress.  The way that Hervey’s vocals rise above the production lift your spirits and her tone is just the perfect match for a song about making yourself feel better.

The lyrics of the track are very nice as well, describing the work-a-day world in concrete, relatable ways but not in a way that gets you down.  The title of the track, Hit The Ceiling, can be a good dual metaphor for the track.  She can be describing what will happen when she releases her stress or she can be describing how well her hustle is paying off.  Both work in the context of the track and there actually seems to be a flip on the chorus that could signify she means both.

This is the second single from Lion Babe’s forthcoming album, due out sometime later this year.  You can purchase the track by clicking the shopping cart in the player.