With a just a little more than a week to go before she released the companion/sequel to her surprise hit EP, H.E.R., Vol. 1, and the elusive singer is giving listeners one last taste of what’s to come.

Every Kind Of Way flows, lyrically, like many of her other songs, but it’s the other parts of the construction that has us taking notice.  This song backs away from the slower, darker productions that the singer tends to gravitate towards for something that is deep but has a little bit of a country tinge at first before transitioning into something that’s a little more R&B but with that same kind of down-home feel.  This change in production is highlighted by a slight change in delivery from the singer as she takes her tone up octave up and doesn’t add any of her signature spoken-word poetry.  The effect is nice, like a slightly cool summer breeze that brings with it a good feeling that lingers with you all day.

This switch up is very welcomed because, as much as we enjoyed all of her released to this point, there was the growing feeling that she might be a more one-note type of artist and that you would always know what you’re getting from her.  That kind of dependability can be good for overall quality but bad for keeping an audience engaged and always looking for the next project to drop.  This song shows that H.E.R. is able to change things up when she needs to and keep what makes her music work at the core of what she does.  We are really looking forward to her next step.

H.E.R., Vol. 2 drops June 2.