Coming to us from the United Kingdom, Marcello Spooks is that breath of fresh air that you may have been looking for when it comes to the fusion between modern and traditional hip-hop styles.

The production of this project has an interesting sound to it.  Headed by Mashineman Tim, there are clear trap elements throughout the entirety of the album, but they are flushed out with jazz and R&B melodies that, depending on the vibe that he’s going for, can either be just beneath the surface or the driving force for the track.  The deciding factor in how those melodies come across seem to be tied to the content of the track and whether he is trying to get his girlfriend to be happy with him or in his own internal thoughts.  The connective fiber of the tracks is a phone conversation with his girlfriend as she goes off on him for ignoring her on Valentine’s Day (the release date of the EP; we are late) to work on his craft.  Each track’s mood seems to tied to how he is coping with her verbal onslaughts and how close he is to calling it quits.

The thing we really like about this is that Spooks can actually sing, which is a much needed component if you are going to have so many tracks that depend on the fusion between the sing-song rap style and active vocals.  He tends to place those more melodic moments behind his lead vocals, which are more hip-hop driven, but it gives every song a nice lift and keeps everything from running together in a monotone slide.  The confluence of the two elements creates some really good harmonies, especially on a track like SNM, which offsets the discord in the relationship with the melding vocals of the track.

Our favorite tracks are SNM and This Side.  The most skippable track is You Again.

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