With Dumbfoundead announcing that he was heading over to Korea to work on a series of three EPs this year, I was prepared for the rapper to drop a majority Korean language project, despite the fact that he stuck mostly to English on Hyung.  Instead we got mostly English language tracks that feature several of the Korean-American singers and rappers that are currently operating in-country.

This is set is extremely strong, which is something you expect from Dumbfoundead, and there really isn’t anything here that will turn off fans who are more aware of his American work.  At first, we thought that the production would be the biggest change as it seems a little brighter in comparison to his other work, but it feels like it’s more a function of producer influence and that all of the tracks have a heavy knock and don’t tread into the pop lane one bit.

Dumbfoundead, despite having at least one feature on every track, manages to keep himself the center of attention with his immaculate flow.  He rides every beat expertly and comes through with the right volume and emotional tone to make the tracks work.  While there are artists that tend to gravitate towards features because they cannot support an entire project on their own, this seems more like the rapper paying back those who were willing to work with him over the years and have helped put him on the map in two countries.

The lyrics are really solid and span a wide range of subjects.  From History of Violence conveying his thoughts on government-sanctioned killing of (American) citizens to Water and his treatise on the fact that he can get the ladies wet, we get all facets of Dumbfoundead and that means there is a track for everyone.  The word play varies from the storytelling to the tight series of punchlines, but nothing ever feels lazy and everything hangs together in its perspective mood.

Our favorite tracks are Water and History Of Violence.  The most skippable track is Upgrade (2.0) because the vibe is so different than the rest of the tracks (still a really good song, though).

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