It’s been eight years since Letoya Luckett released the still-very-good Lady Love and solidified the fact that she was not going to try and chase her former group’s lead singer down her path but, instead, find her own.  She’s proven herself her own person in the years since Destiny’s Child

First, let us say, Back 2 Life as an album is good.  Any little worries that you may have had about the entire album sounding the same as singles Back 2 Life and Used To can be put to rest.  This set also includes 2015’s I’m Ready, a nice surprise for all of those who liked the track and though it had been abandoned in the two years since it’s release.  There’s a nice amount of variety in sound without it sounding like chaos and Luckett shows up and out with solid vocals all the way through.

There’s a lot to like about this album but, on what is (for us) a beautiful Friday afternoon, there are two songs that are jumping out as and have been on repeat since we heard them.

The first track, Show Me, is a highly danceable throwback groove that has the Texas chanteuse bidding the object of her affection off the wall and on the dancefloor.  The production is bright and happy with a that mid-eighties kind of sound that just makes you want to move.  The vocals on this track are a killer with her belting out without making the final product overpowering in a way that could have really could have been annoying and hard to listen reckon with.  The lyrics are pretty straight to the point, but there are enough little winks and nudges with some of the phrasing that you could figure that she is hinting that there will be more than one than one kind of dancing for him tonight.

The second track, My Love, starts off by sounding like it’s going to be a classy slow jam before bringing in the mid-tempo bop goodness for a great track about not risking the love of someone who gets you for a quick fling.  Luckett goes a little more lowkey with the vocals this time around, going for a slightly more seductive but still playful sound and it absolutely works.  The bouncy production does the job of not making her words feel somber, despite the fact that you can tell she’s serious, and makes the entire thing feel like keeping her love for her man isn’t a chore.  The lyrics are really nice in that they don’t focus the purely sexual side of the relationship and speak on substantive things that make a relationship last.

We really recommend this album, especially for the more grown among us who want a little something more to enjoy.

Show Me:

My Love: