Letoya Luckett uses her visual for Back 2 Life to tell an intriguing story and prep us for her upcoming album.

It wasn’t enough for the singer to give us a song that could easily get you in your feelings if you were in a similar situation, but now she has to give us a video that really does give us that progression of a relationship from good to bad and the moment that it all starts to fall apart.  Well acted and excellently paced, this is engaging from beginning to end and the shots that the director chose to illustrate his point without being overly verbal are great.  We see what Luckett sees and, unless you’re feeling a little guilty about your own behavior, you’re going to be just where she is by the time this video is over.  We can’t wait for the continuation and the album.

To see what we thought of the song itself, head over to our review.

This is the first(?) single from the album Until Then.  There is currently no firm release date.