Pleasure P is learning you the meaning of the phrase “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” and is hoping that his ex is, too as he tries to win her back.

If there is one thing that we like about Pleasure P is that he has the ability to elevate some pretty…questionable material with his voice.  Not that this song falls anywhere near that category.  Probably one of the more solid original tracks he’s released in a while, this song will make you remember why The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper was so good and still stands up.  Pleasure P does a great job of keeping things interesting, though, as his adlibs and his runs are immaculate and brings the listener all kinds of feels to the point that you might find yourself making a call to an ex, too (you might need to brings this with a Ne-Yo double-team, though).

The only downside of this song is that the production is rather generic.  It does a good job of supporting the singer’s vocals, but it can be really easy to tune certain sections of the song because of how it sounds.  We understand the need to keep the beatwork somewhat understated due to the force of the vocals, but a little more oomph by having a richer piano sound or lusher harmonies to work with the undercurrent would have gone a long way to improve what is still a good song.

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