This is one of those cases where the acoustic version of a track is moderately better than the album version.

8Loop (possibly Infinite Loop, but we’re not sure about that) is one of those groups that we are not going to learn a lot about up front.  They are signed to one of the really small indie labels and their new EP is really hard to find outside of Korea.  Still, from what we’ve heard of them so far, that may not be an issue for them for long because international K-pop&B crowd is going to love them and it’s clear to se why…

Those vocals.

Sometimes listeners take for granted just how rare it is to hear lush harmonies out of group with more than two people, let along expect them out of a duo.  But between Chloe x Halle and these guys, they are showing these larger ensembles that everyone is going to have to pull their weight or be outclassed.  The gentlemen know how to layer the sound just right; not only difference in pitch but differences in lyrics and pace to make the overlap sound richer.  There are times when you would swear there was a third person in that room with them.

Not that their individual leads aren’t a treat in themselves.  The biggest thing for those is that, because they are so new (and appear to be twins), their voices sound very similar at times.  As they grow and as we get to know them, this will probably change.  For now, the video helps you get to know who is singing when on other songs in their project (although, because we don’t know their names it’s basically “Orange Jacket” and “Black Jacket”).

If you want to hear the EP itself, head over to our Audiomack page.  While were weren’t feeling Fire as a track (that production just doesn’t work), everything else about this is gold.

We’ll bring you a translation as soon as possible.