We’ve been playing this one non-stop since it dropped and we think you will, too.

When she gave us H.E.R., Vol. 1 last year, we were impressed with how this young artists was able distill such a confidence and self-awareness into such well-crafted but short tracks.  We wondered if this was just a one-off due to the brevity of the project and an unknown amount of time spent writing.  Now, with the next volume on the way, it appears that H.E.R. is the real deal.

The confluence of the vocals and the production on this track cannot be overstated.  The overall tone of the beatwork is slow and deep, but not dark.  It has its own sensual tone from the moment the track starts which only serves to enhance the tone of H.E.R.’s vocals, which are already deeply sensual without being breathy and overwrought.

The lyrics are solid, too. Despite the fact that she is entreating the man in question to a night of passion, she doesn’t get overly explicit and does a great job of putting in the metaphors and one-liners that make for an interesting listen beyond just the sonic.  The tone of the lyrics, which is almost demanding in a way, is softened by her delivery and makes everything come across as sexy without being try-hard.

H.E.R., Vol. 2 drops June 2.