Many of us have heard a low-quality version of this track and were wondering if this was a rejected track from her previous releases or something new to look forward to from the TDE songstress.  Now we not only have it as an official single, but also a pretty nice video.

In terms of overall sound, this is a somewhat new direction for SZA. The production has a classic feel to it with a slow-paced boom bap, but the mix of trap-style and melodic vocals is very different from her.  Not that she sounds bad in the least; you can still hear the improvement in her tone, but it will throw some longtime fans for a loop.

What hasn’t changed is the lyrical content.  While it initially seems like she is giving us a run of the mill track about taking some woman’s man and not carrying about the consequences, once you dig deep you get the story of a woman who has been hurt by love and falls prey to an ex who has moved on but still won’t completely let her go.  The addition of Travis Scott provides the alternate perspective, the words of the seducer whose sweet nothings are tempting her to his bed.

SZA’s sophomore album, CTRL,  is due out sometime this year…we think.

Sidenote: What movie is this ending from?  It looks really familiar…