Tamar Braxton is readying her new album and the first single, while not the greatest track she has ever released, is a step above most of what she gave us on Calling All Lovers.

This subject matter of this track is pretty personal for Braxton as she seems to be describing the issues that led to the dissolution of her parents’ marriage.  That personal connection seems to be a benefit for her as she really shows out vocally in a way that fits her voice and the theme.  She growls at just the right moment and she

Tiyon Mack is apparently the writer of this track and he absolutely did his thing.  Lines like never trust a girl named Wanda with the one you love and she was talkin’ about my man…HEFFA are memorable and relatable.  They are doubly served by Braxton absolutely putting emphasis on those lines and really sells them.

What drags the song down some is the production.  While the lowkey, somewhat morose beat is a fit for the production, it needs a little something extra to not just be “there.”  There are several times that we literally did not notice that there was a backing track to the vocals.  Braxton should get the majority of the attention, but tuning out the production is never a good thing.

Despite that, though, we have a renewed excitement for her upcoming project.  If she can give us more vocals and lyrics like this with better production, it will be worth a buy.