Jonghyun released The Collection, Story Op.1  just shy of two years ago and we were impressed.  Curated from the music he wrote and composed for callers into his radio show, the music was well done and he sounded great, even though the album itself lacked the cohesion of his more formal outing, Base (and, later, She Is).  For  this version, though, the cohesion issue goes right out the window because this flows beautifully.

Anyone who is a fan of the SHINee member knows that, despite most of his music being rooted in R&B and jazz, that there are two sides two the singer/songwriter.  There is the more pop side that gives us songs like Deja-Boo and 1 of 1 and there is the smoother side that gives us songs Love Belt, Fortune Cookie, and Hallelujah.  This album is definitely more of the latter, with Lonely being the most pop track of the set, and it is wonderful.  While this would have been a better seasonal fit for late last year or the early months of this year due to the pace of the tracks, this is very enjoyable and makes you long for the one you love even when you don’t understand the words.

This set shows just how good a vocalist that Jonghyun is because, despite the fact that there are few adlibs in some songs, he always manages to keep things interesting with his tone.  He tends to lean into his falsetto on many tracks here, but his more seductive tenor comes out at just the right moments and the transitions between the two is flawless.  His awareness of the type of voice that he has (or, maybe, the way his voice has developed over time due to where his musical interest lie) means that he has the confidence to pull of something like this without having to worry about whether or not fans will come along for the ride.

There is also a physical copy bonus track called Where You Are that we are going to add once we get ours.

Our favorite track are Just ChillLove So NiceLet Me Out, and Fireplace.  The most skippable track is Lonely.

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