Just over a year ago Lenny Harold released his EP New Testament: Mountain High (which you can hear by heading over to his website), which showed some of his growth and consistency as an artist by showing that he can switch up elements of his sound while still maintaining the vocals and lyrical cohesion that attracted many people to him in the first place.

Shadows Of You reminds us of everything that we loved about Harold’s Yesterday Morning without sacrificing the growth that he showed in the last EP.  There is a smoothness to the singer’s voice that is just perfect for this kind of R&B track, comforting with a certain level of confidence that makes you really tune in.  This is the kind of balance that is especially needed on a song like this where he is trying to convince the woman he loves that things have changed between them because of how she has changed as a person.  He longs for a relationship that, perhaps, can never be again while not blaming her for the changes that she has undergone.  His delivery comes across and earnest and not accusing, leading the listener to feel like they can work things out.

The production has some nice elements to it that keep in interesting in its own right without depending on Harold to carry all the weight.  The piano flourishes are a nice touch and, while they only appear on the chorus, add an additional element to keep the listener engaged.  The underlying sound of the beatwork reminds us of George Michael’s One More Try with it’s minimal organ that slowly transitions from note to note (and, if on purpose, is an excellent fit for the theme of this track).

We’re guessing, based on past behavior, that this is the first single to an upcoming EP.  We will definitely be on the lookout for this one.