Using a sample of Groove Theory’s Tell Me as well as forming his chorus around the original track’s, Kenyon Dixon teams up with Alex Isley to sing about mutual admiration and how genuine feeling can change everything.

Dixon sounds really good on this track.  He manages to come off as seductive in tone without being breathy or creepy over the bombastic and energetic beat.  The addition of Isley was also a good choice because her voice has a very similar sound to Amil Larrieux’s with its softness and emotion.  She’s a perfect compliment to Dixon’s deeper, more steady tone.

The lyrics are pretty much what you would expect for a song about asking someone to tell you how they feel so you can reciprocate.  There are standout parts, though, and they center around the expression of the potential relationship being about more than sex and the materialistic.  They are woven throughout the track and make for a balanced expression of what the relationship could be.

The production on the track has a nice island feel to it.  It immediately makes you think of a cool summer breeze of a tropical lake and makes the listener want to dance.  Our complaint is that the drums are too loud and drown other elements of the beat that give the track its personality.  It also is surprisingly long, running over five minutes, even though the track feels like it should have ended at about three-and-a-half minute mark.  It doesn’t kill the thrust of the song but it does make it somewhat less listenable outside the whip.  And the outro section shows what the song could have been without the heavy drums in place.