Luhan slides back into our soundscape with another slow jam.

If there is one thing about this song we can see is that it feels like the companion to his last track, What If I Said.  While the production and singing style are somewhat dissimilar, the lyrical content is what connects them.  The previous track is about all the things that he had left to say to the one he loved and has lost; this one is about all the things that she may have left to say to him.  The first one is wondering if she will take his call; the second is saying that he will take hers.

The production and melody of the vocals are great here.  While What If I Said was good in sound overall (even if it wasn’t all that memorable), the overall sonic thrust of this track is a better fit for Luhan’s voice.  He has a sweet undertone to his normal vocals that really do play more to a more melodic performance than a trap one.  The production also seems to have more emotion embedded in it than the previous track, making for a good combination with Luhan’s tone.  The ultimate impact of that is you are left feeling this more than the previous track and it sticks with you longer.

The translations are a part of the video itself; no need to click anything to see them.