It has taken almost two years but we have finally gotten a full album from Junggigo.  While we would have liked something full of all new material (most of the tracks in this project have been released as singles sometime in the last 18 months), having them all collected in one place with a few new tracks is nice, too.

Vocally, the crooner doesn’t have the biggest range (or he doesn’t display it very often), but he does make the most of what he has.  He has a kind of lowkey delivery style, very soothing but also with a enough power to always make himself heard over the production and place himself front and center (without being dominating) when he has features. The production style is somewhat disparate because it seems to be a bit of a time machine moving through different eras, but they are not so dissimilar that you feel whipped around.  The biggest criticism is that, if you aren’t listening closely, the similarity of the instrumentation can make the tracks blend together.

If you are unfamiliar with Junggigo, then this is a good introduction because so much of what he has been is in this set.  Rooted in R&B with a bit of a throwback vocal style, the singer could give a class in fundamentals.  While he doesn’t completely ignore more modern musical tropes and styling in this project, you can tell what he was going for is something that you can put on and be brought out of the current musical scene without making the listener feel out of their element.  Every track on this set is like your favorite blanket on a cold day: warm familiar and comforting.

Our favorite tracks are 24/7, Let Me Love You, and Girls.  The most skippable track is Across The Universe.