The Blackjacks were sad at the dissolution of 2NE1, but they may be happier now that Minzy is already putting herself out there to be heard.

The first thing I will say is that this is not what I expected from this solo project.  I am so used to her singing the YG/2NE1 style of track that, outside of Ninano and ING, you almost wouldn’t recognize some songs as being hers.  The R&B and more gentle pop styling of the tracks is great and shows that that they overproduction that often accompanied her and her groupmates was not needed to cover up any deficit on their side.  It also shows that she has dimension and style as a performer as does not have to keep performing things that sound 2NE1 to make herself heard.

Vocally, Minzy gets to show out in a way that she never could in 2NE1.  She is never out of pitch and she absolutely has the ability to take you there (Beautiful Lie is perfect).  There are moments when, though, she is bringing it and the production just doesn’t support here, leaving the listener scratching their head as to why what they heard didn’t work.  It’s not entirely her fault though; her somewhat rough-around-the-edges tone isn’t a great fit for every style of production.  This is the most obvious on the Jay-Park assisted Flashlight where the smoothness of the beat is at odds with her default delivery style.

Despite that, this is still a good set.  The overall sound is good and it serves a strong opening volley for a singer who is known by the general public but not still somewhat untested when it comes to commanding a stage solo.

Our favorite tracks are Beautiful Lie and Superwoman.  The most skippable track is ING.

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