If you thought the album was going to be it, Kendrick has news for you.

We chose LUST. as our favorite track off of DAMN., but this one has to be a very close second.  Featuring some Oscar caliber acting from Oscar winner Don Cheadle, Lamar brings visuals for his second single in as many week, DNA.  Featuring more amazing visuals (this time headed by Nabil), we see the rapper take over the body of a police detective and infiltrating his mind to make him see the truth about himself before making his escape from custody.

As for the song itself, this track is complex.  While it, on the surface, serves as a diss to Fox News about their ridiculous take on his BET performance as anti-police (as opposed to anti-police brutality) and many of their takes on Black culture, this song actually bolsters the spirit of the listener.  Lamar speaks on everything that he sees as an asset to him about himself–his upbringing, the hard and lean times, the history, the culture, the talent–all of it makes him (and, by proxy, you) a superior being.  It is only those who seek your downfall for profit that are unworthy.  It’s rare that you see a takedown that simultaneously brings elevates those it’s not explicitly aimed at but…here you go.

You can see the lyrics for the track by clicking the [CC] button.

Sidenote: That brief sequence at 3:13 took me clean out.