British rock singer Danny Worsnop brings a country sound to his debut solo album The Long Road Home.

It’s country enough for the country music fans, but not too “twangy” for fans who are just getting into country music.  Ironically, this might be Danny’s speed; he was the lead singer of the rock bands Asking Alexandra and We Are Harlot, so without completely leaving his roots, he slowly added some country and blues sound to his album.

Of course, as with any country inspired album, there are songs about drinking too much and that one song about going to Mexico, but the song that grabbed our attention was Anyone But Me.  The song has a country-esque sound mixed with Worsnop’s raspy and sultry voice.  He doesn’t overdo it with the deep voiced, twangy sounds that are often heard on country songs.  He perfectly stays within his range, even when hitting the higher notes.  It isn’t quite a ballad, but he does slow the tempo down.

This song isn’t a love song about a broken heart or a lost love; this song isn’t even about convincing someone to give you a chance.  It is a song about convincing someone to not love you.  He knows he is going to break this poor soul’s heart and wants them to get away from him.  He’s actually someone who is in tune with himself enough to know that he cannot be what this person wants and will not hold them as tight as they are holding him; won’t love them as much as they will love him.  He’s saving this poor soul from a world of heartbreak, so Worsnop sings, go love anyone, please love anyone but me.  It is actually a decent sentiment.

Lyrically, there aren’t enough songs that takes this approach.  Anyone can relate to this song because it’s honest.  Truth be told, the smooth sound of this British singer’s voice doesn’t make it easy to give up on him.  And since his debut album hit #1 on the iTunes Country Chart, it doesn’t look like country fans on this side of the pond will either.