We are very used to American hip-hop artists paying homage to the originators of the art form, but it’s something special when that same love and understanding comes from overseas where the history can get a little muddled or be hard to find.  Enter the Sous Chefs; a duo formed by pH-1 and Owen Ovadoz that we hope we are going to hear more from in the future.

Both of the main members have tight flows compliment each other but are vastly different, which is great because there is nothing worse when two rappers in a group sound too much alike.  Ovadoz goes a little harder and has a gruffer tone than pH-1, but he still manages to ride the smooth beat with no disconnect for the listener.  pH-1 seems to bring the upward energy and keeps things amped despite the mellow overall sound of the track.

The featured verses, including Kim Hyo Eun on a track for the fourth time in as many weeks, are solid and keep the underlying vibe of the track and keeping with the more old-school flow styles.  If we really had to pick a standout, we would probably go with Hyo Eun just because his flow variation is good but not so jarring that you are taken out of the moment.  Jay Park comes in  a strong second with his charisma and overall sound, bringing that golden AOMG kiss to this track.

The throwback production is proving to be a conscious choice for this group as their first single, Cookin’, also has a similar sound.  We’re curious to whether Candid Creation, the producer of the first track, had something to do with this.  We will say that nothing about this track reminded us of the group N.W.A.–the first through we had was A Tribe Called Quest–but we understand what they are going for.

Note: If you’re asking yourself why we don’t have a problem with the title of the song it’s because they changed the acronym and we don’t have a problem with the title of this song either.

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