King of humble BEASTS!!

Kendrick Lamar is not content to let The Heart, Part 4 sit out there until April 7 (when his album drops); he had to bring a little heat to make sure that everybody was hype.

Starting with the production, this is a banger.  K.Dot has a penchant for switching things up from album to album, though he has always had a like for the darker, slower beats.  This track does away with the soul and funk samples and goes trap with it thanks to pretty dope work by Mike Will-Made-It.  The beat overall is incredibly minimal, but it has a lot of energy and Lamar’s flow mixed with the vocal layering makes for a satisfying track that might have been too much it the production were more complex.

What is interesting is that, as you listen to the lyrics, you hear that he isn’t bragging (completely) on the things that he has gotten thanks to having more money and access.  He talks about his stroke, liking his Kool-Aid sweet, the beautiful imperfections of women, and his flow.  It seems that what he means by telling his counterparts in the game to be humble is to remember who you were before the fame and to not run away from all aspects of that person; their humble beginnings.  The fact that he delivers these lines with a lot of cocky swag hints that he has pride in his life as a totality and not just the most recent accolades.

The visual for the song is impressive as well.  Directed by Dave Meyers (who was/is instrumental in the look of Missy Elliott’s videos) and the Lil’ Homies, specific lines are highlighted to complete the styling.  Some or more abstract interpretations than others, but it makes for something very trippy but not completely independent of the track itself.  At a time when there are a lot of rappers making videos that are edgy but don’t match their music, this is nice to see.

You can hit the [CC] button in the player to see the lyrics.