It’s a double shot of Jay Park today thanks to him dropping another single that has us thinking we should be expecting a new EP sometime soon.

Following up Hulk Hogan, which had the singer/rapper taking things in a more lowkey, trap direction, he comes back with what seems like could be a freestyle over a American underground hip-hop scene production that is meant to show off his abilities on the mic.  This is the second track in a row where Park has not had a feature, which is somewhat unusual for him when he raps, and he is able to keep control and the listener’s interest with ease.  He his switching between English and Korean isn’t unusual for him, be we are noticing more extended English sections on this than on previous tracks and there seems to be a solid method to the switch instead of, perhaps, making up for his lack of full fluency in Korean.

There are a few problems, though.  The biggest issues come, ironically, in the English sections of the song where he loses the meter a couple of times.  It seems to be a breath control issue, as most of the odd pauses come at the beginning of lines where he was unable to take a breath after the previous line ended.  He also has a couple of couplet problems where the last words of the pattern don’t rhyme and they are pretty obvious.

But where he loses points in his flow he gains some them back on the content of the last verse of the track.  The first part is in Korean but, when he switches to English, he sites the problems of corrupt politicians, police brutality, and the Lady Emmanuel Shooting; showing that he is still connected to his American roots and is aware of the issues that are going on back home.