Jay Park switches back to hip-hop after Everything You Wanted and goes full trap with it.

The production for this is what stands out at first, being a lot more minimal than we have come to expect from AOMG; just a drum machine and a piano. He makes it work, though, and you will still be nodding your head before he gets through the first verse.

The lyrics for this take things up a notch. Park has never hesitated to take shots in his bars, but he ups the game by going after Meek Mill, Drake, and Donald Trump. He also goes a lot further in mixing English and Korean than he has in the past. We have to that, as his Korean still isn’t fully fluent, this seems to have given him the space to go harder in his punchlines and make deeper wordplay. We know that he’s readying a new project for us, so it will be interesting to see if he goes this route with the rest of the tracks.