Daley has already had a great duet with a soultress that will stand the test of time.  Alone Together with Marsha Ambrosius is one of those songs that just gets you in just the right spot when you hear it and you go searching for that person who you can feel that way with.

His latest track follows in the same vein as that classic, but gives you a far different feeling in relation to the other person.  While Alone Together was about two people wanting nothing more than to express their love in solitude, this track is about two people finding solace in one another’s arms after being hurt and walling themselves off.  The vocals on this track are superb; Daley brings his tenor in with hints of baritone in some places and Jill Scott offsets him with some gorgeous alto runs and harmonizing notes.  The two of them blend very well but still manage to maintain some separation, which goes to theme, making their individual efforts stand out without being odd for a duet.

The production on the track is a little more mid-tempo this time around with some good bass undertones that create an interesting groove.  The upper-register melodic elements are almost not audible in the mesh of lower tones that dominate the track, but they add a sweetness to track that comes to forefront after the final bridge before slipping into the background again.  Not that the track sound dark by any means, but it does rely on deeper tones to set the mood.  It matches the tone of the overall theme; a bit of light in what could easily be a dark world for the two involved.

This is the first single from Daley’s upcoming sophomore album, The Spectrum, expected out sometime this year.