We are happy that Snoh Aalegra is getting some due, but we wish that people were looking into her for more than just being sampled on Drake’s Do Not Disturb.

Time is the kind of track that singers of all stripes hope they can make one day because it shows of their vocal abilities without being obvious about it.  The song was written by Aalegra in January as an ode to her father’s death after his death in 2009 (which make’s its inclusion on the Drake track in question, about dating issues, a little problematic).  The simple, electric piano production of the track makes the singer’s voice really stand out and makes the listener focus on the emotion she is pouring into each note.  And she never sounds overwrought or screeches at the top of her lungs.  The delivery is smooth with hard-rendered notes in just the right spots to put in emphasis.

The lyrics of the track are plaintive and honest.  She describes being lost without the love of her father and desperate to have another chance to spend time with him and not take it for granted all that he gave her.  It’s a song that, on the surface, could be seen as being somewhat cliché, but the sum of the lines comes out to more than the individual parts and you hear a daughter who is still struggling to find her place in the world with part of her support system gone.

It’s a heartbreaking track but, at the same time, it can strike a person in need of this kind of song in just the right place and help them come to terms with a loss.