We are kind of into the wave of mixing a little jazz vocal styling, pop&B production, and hip-hop featuring bars that is becoming more of a thing and Moxie Raia is one of those singers who has no problems riding it.  Now Mick Boogie is giving the production a little revamp and, possibly, bringing her to a new audience.

Featuring remixed versions of some of the tracks from her first mixtape, 931, the beats in this set are a lot more hip-hop centric.  Solid samples with much harder beats changes the mood of many of the songs, but doesn’t dilute the original intent.  In fact, in some cases, many of the tracks actually sound a little better as the remixes do a good job supporting Raia’s vocals by providing some interesting offsets.  The brighter sounds of the original production didn’t always highlight the soulful sound of voice and these do.  You hear the deeper notes a lot better and the adlibs feel more forceful and come through a lot harder.

If you liked the original, you’ll probably like this.  If you haven’t heard the original, check them both out and see why Moxie Raia managed to get features from Goldlink, Pusha T, and Wyclef Jean.

Click either the arrow in the player or the button below it to get this set for free (they are the same set, the track order is just slightly different between the two).