It’s been 13 years since the release of Usher’s Confessions, an album that is still very playable from beginning to end, and one person that was not willing to let the occasion go by without commemoration was BJ The Chicago Kid.

Taking on three songs from the album’s special edition (the Confessions, Part 2 (Remix) was not included on the original album) and including audio from interviews that Usher gave when promoting the project, The Chicago Kid does a great job of giving you the essence of what made that album so great and yet still giving us some of himself as well.  The change in instrumentation, which lends more to the acoustic side that the original album, give you all the R&B realness that a young Usher gave but adds just a little more soul.  The new style gives The Chicago Kid a chance to do adlibs without making the songs sound odd.  It can be a little hard to tell which song he’s singing (initially) without looking at the tracklist, but that spin makes this a great tribute.

Our complaint is that this is entirely too short.  We want My Boo, Red Light, That’s What It’s Made For, and Burn remakes please!

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