There is something so…amazing about spoken word.  Real spoken word leaves impact on the listener in ways that even rap songs cannot because it’s just about what sounds right in the flow of the words.  It often lacks an identifiable rhythmic structure, but there is an identifiable pattern that, when it’s not there, makes the words sound off-kilter and wrong.  There you have to have a level of mastery of the craft that can make that rhythm sound natural and conversational, even when you’re just repeating words.  Malanda Jean-Claude and the rest of the poets on this oh-so-short EP have that mastery.

The total runtime for this set is only about15 minutes, but you will feel every moment of that time in your soul.  There is a beauty to the lines and the content that you can’t always get from other forms of performance.  You hear them ponder on the emptiness of casual sex, a pride in a culture, an understanding that all things aren’t for all people, and gratefulness for the woman who accepts imperfection while expecting self-improvement in these vignettes.  They do not overstay their welcome as content pieces, and so they do get their point across without dragging on.  You will just find yourself wishing there were more of them.