Denetia and Sene, a Brooklyn-based “electro-pop” duo, have given us a brief but soulful track about loving someone and not being afraid to admit to yourself, even when you know it’s not going to last forever.

The chill and minimalist sound of the production is perfect with Denitia’s soft but serious vocals.  There is not a whole lot in the background to detract from the sound of her voice and the words she is saying, which works with the theme of the track and really services the singer well.  It allows her to sound sensual, as if she is talking to lover, and the mood is intimate and not like she shouting across a room.  The selective harmonies are a nice touch.  It almost seems like the person she is talking to is echoing the sentiment back to her and agreeing, which gives things a nice feeling.

The lyrics are solid.  They tell you a lot in very few words; all the swirling emotions that are going through her head and the calming effect that the other person has on her.  It’s romantic without being sappy and cliché; that’s always a good thing.

This track is from their love and noir. EP that was released last year.