Get off on the good foot!

Good, authentic funk can be a little hard to come by, especially from the younger generations.  The group of Johnny Chou, Joel Givertz, Adam Greenberg, and Matt Reale are doing a good job of keeping it alive and not watering it down.  Rich horns, solid bass guitar, and a hard rhythm greet the listener on every track.  You will eagerly great the instrumental tracks as much as you do the ones with vocal accompaniment and might find yourself wishing that there were more of them to enjoy.

What we are really taking note of here is the vocals of Dale Spollett.  I listened to this album several times and, until I unearthed his name, I would have sworn up and down that the singer was a woman.  I’m guess that has a lot to do with the vocal effect on his voice that give it that LP sound.  We’re not knocking it though; he sounds amazing.  He has the right amount of soulfulness and grit to his voice that does songs like this justice.  Funk is one of the few genre’s where you can growl on the track right out the gate and it not sound overdone and Spollett takes advantage of this and really lets go, bringing the right level of emotion to the majority of the tracks.

And let’s not leave this out; there are a lot of lyrics about social justice here.  Based on the title of the album, I’m can guess who they supported in the Presidential election.  A plurality of the tracks are about bucking up and pushing ahead with the work to better the nation.  It’s not an entirely political project, but it does do more than just pay lip-service to the current climate.  That is always appreciated.

Our favorite tracks are Odessa Heat, It’s Not Over, and Kiss Me In The Morning.  The most skippable track is Thank You because it seems to drag as it wears on.