Are you headed out tonight for a party and hope that you will have some stories to not tell in the morning?  We got a song to help you set the mood.

Our latest submission comes from a hip-hop duo who do a great job of detailing a night of endless party-hopping and good times.  The production of the track is just the right speed for the mood of the theme.  It’s not too bright that you feel like you should be doing this in the daytime, but not so dark that it depresses your mood.  The flows of the two rappers are pretty good and have good energy in them.  They also have less gruff than you might expect voices, which adds a layer of smoothness and charisma to the lines; especially the ones chatting up the ladies.  The lyrics are solid and do a great job of storytelling what’s going on.  Everything stays on theme and you feel like you’re riding along with them.

And that drop-out…funny and well placed.

We did notice a couple issues, though.  First is that the song just stops; not only does that go against theme but you feel like there should be one more verse coming.  Second is that the bass (at least, on two of our three audio setups) is just a little too loud at times and can drown out the voices of the rappers.  There are also a few places where the syllable count overextends the line just a bit.  None of these issues kill the song, though, and the issue of the heavy bass makes this a perfect track for the whip.

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