BTS returns with the single from their Wings rerelease and…yeah.

Based on the controversy about Wings: Outro, we’re guessing this single may have been a second choice as the lead and we can see why.  The song is well-written but the production is very generic, to the point where it becomes very easy to tune it out.  As an insert onto the end of an already established album that had a flow, it takes things somewhat off-course; as a standalone, it’s definitely not their best.

The good news is that the vocals and raps are excellent and full of just enough emotion to make the production to almost (but not quite) be a non-issue.  Rap Monster starts things off right with his more somber tone and Kookie and Suga most prominently follow suite and maintain the mood.

The visual seems to tie into all of the TMBMIL-era videos, with the interesting cuts and of the group being together as friends but with the overarching theme that something is not as it seems and that one of the friends is only there is spirit.  Hell if we know who it’s supposed to be, but we look forward to the day when we get the epiphany and all the mysteries of the universe are revealed to us.

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