SHINee’s last Japanese album must have done really well because they are already delivery another one, this  time full of unique tracks that show off that SHINee feel without being dated.

If there is one problem that fans of Kpop sometime have when they start listening Jpop is that something seems to be missing in terms of engaging the listener.  We think it’s just a difference in performance style preference that comes through in the audio and comes off as the performer being a little listless.  Luckily there is very little of that here as we get the SHINee peppiness and vocal strength that has made the group a favorite among music lovers of all stripes.

The production for this set is a little more centered around pop&B and pop/rock stylings.  There are songs, like Get The Treasure and Mr. Right Guy which will remind listeners of 1of 1 (the Japanese version of which is on this set) in terms of that throwback feel, but songs like Aboab and Nothing To Lose make use of the electric guitar to provide a different atmosphere and allow the group to step into a slightly different mode than we’ve seen them in quite a while.  While there is cohesion overall, the project does feel like it’s of two minds and it jumps between them throughout.

The vocals are great.  The harmonies are full and match the energy of the music note for note.  This is a little different than the last album they put out in that there are just as many songs dependent on the solos here as there are songs dependent on the harmonies.  The shifting delivery style shows a versatility for the group that can sometime be lost when they crush concepts as well as they do.

What you end up with is pretty enjoyable set that turns out to be better than expected.  It also has us excited for the next SHINee iteration.

Our favorite tracks are Mr. Right Guy, Become Undone, Do Me Right and .  The most skippable tracks are track four and Winter Wonderland.